2650 Fulton Street, San Francisco.
In the interest of public health, we have suspended our Sunday morning services
at Fulton Street, San Francisco, California until further notice. In the meantime, we are offering digital alternatives, such as on-line zoom sessions. We hope you stay well.
  • Celebration of the Mother Goddess: Ma Durga

    with Ramen Chakrabarti and Indira Bulkin

    Date: 10/25/2020


    Join Zoom meeting:
    Meeting ID: 883 8275 9255; Passcode: 348610

    Durga Puja is a major festival in Bengal and is celebrated all over India in worship of the Goddess Durga, the Mother Goddess who can protect and redeem in situations of utmost distress. She has been empowered by the gods and is honored with devotion. The Cultural Integration Fellowship has been offering a Durga Puja celebration since 1971, officiated by Ramen Chakrabarti.

    Due to ongoing safety concerns, this year we will be offering a presentation via Zoom to honor Ma Durga. Indira Bulkin will recite in Sanskrit from the Sri Chandi and Ramen Chakrabarti will explain the significance of Durga Puja. The presentation will conclude with Pushpanjali, an offering of flowers.

    Participants will have an opportunity to offer flowers to the Mother goddess and ask for her blessings.

  • Am I?

    with Elliott Isenberg, PhD

    Date: 11/01/2020

    Meeting ID: 892 5512 0916; Passcode: 223202

    This talk will be about a path of self-inquiry suggested by the teachings of non-duality called Advaita Vedanta.  These teachings suggest that what is real can be found  through asking “Who am I?” or “Am I?”   Such an inquiry is prompted by the axiom of these non-dual teachings that “what is real does not change.” This talk will be accompanied by Keynote slides.

    Elliott received his doctorate from the California Institute Integral Studies in 1983 after doing his dissertation on “The Experience of Evil: A Phenomenological Approach.” He traveled extensively in his youth, spending time in India at the ashram of spiritual teacher, Neem Karoli Baba.  Danish mystic Sunyata also influenced Elliott: he co-authored a book on Sunyata’s teachings. In his private psychotherapy practice in San Francisco, Elliott draws on both Eastern and Western perspectives, including a method of self-inquiry and transformation developed by Byron Katie.

  • Poetry Festival

    Open Mike Community Event with Sally Love Saunders

    Date: 11/08/2020

    Meeting ID: 872 4312 2138; Passcode: 409393

    Come one and all and bring your friends, partners, and neighbors to a gathering in which favorite poems will be shared. Or you can come and simply listen and enjoy. The number of poems one can read will depend on the number of people attending who want to share their poetry. You may read one or more. The host, Sally Love Saunders, has a passion for poetry and gathering people around to write and read.  Today we will simply read and listen. Hope to have you there!

    Sally Love Saunders is a widely published Poet, Poetry Therapist, Lecturer, Free-Lance Writer and Workshop Leader. Sally’s work has appeared in the New York Times, Times International, The London Times, The Denver Post, and among over three hundred fifty other anthologies, magazines and newspapers. She has received many prizes for her poetry.

    “A Johnny Appleseed Poet,” Sally has traveled all over the country running workshops. It is her absolute conviction that “Everyone is a Poet!” Sally has developed fun techniques to help individuals to get in touch with their own unique creativity.