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  • The Goal of Meditation

    with Ted A. Nordquist, PhD

    Date: 06/27/2021

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    Modern Man’s Religion represents Haridas Chaudhuri’s search for the essence of a universal approach to the religious experience. His optimism that we are moving in this direction is based upon a critical awareness of our present phase of cultural evolution – the theme of which seems to be “transform or die”. Dr. Chaudhuri feels we are entering an era of profound psycho-spiritual regeneration on a global level – marking an age which will embody a broader understanding of spiritual values among all people. Religions as we now know them may be regenerated – rooted in our direct, intuitive communion with the Divine. This coming universal approach to religion will integrate the highest expression of the religions of the world with a deeper scientific understanding of the underlying energies of life.  Modern Man’s Religion, 1966

    This Zoom meeting will explore this insight of Dr. Chaudhuri who left us in June of 1975.  Where are we now 46 years later?

    Ted Nordquist worked with Dr. Haridas Chaudhuri from 1971-1973 at the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) then the California Institute of Asian Studies (CIAS). Ted’s parents, Gladys and Leo Nordquist, were members of Cultural Integration Fellowship since the mid-1960s and Leo Nordquist was Chairman of the Board of CIAS until his death in 1976. In addition to Asian Studies, Dr. Chaudhuri was Ted’s spiritual guide beginning in 1969. Other influences in Ted’s life were Mahatma Gandhi, Ramana Maharshi, and Sri Aurobindo.

    Ted taught at the University of Uppsala, Institute of Religious History, from 1976 to 1985. He founded Sweden’s first tofu manufacturing plant in 1980 and Northern Europe’s first non-dairy soy-based frozen dessert in 1988. Ted moved his Swedish family, his wife Anne-Marie and their three children, to Sonoma, CA in 1994. He continues working as a consultant in the organic plant-based food industry.

  • Closed

    Happy Independence Day!

    Date: 07/04/2021

  • Experiencing New Consciousness: Next Step in Human Evolution

    with Anton Grosz, PhD

    Date: 07/11/2021

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    New Consciousness…knowing that the ‘I am’ we each feel inside is actually “I AM”… the Singular Universal Consciousness.  Not just knowing it and believing it, but feeling it and living it. If humanity wishes to survive, we must learn to see each other ‘I’ to ‘I’.

    For believers, atheists, and everyone in between. This session will include group meditation. No prior study or practice is necessary.

    Anton Grosz has been a practitioner and teacher of Integral Yoga and New Consciousness for over 40 years. His focus is the experiential mode of this evolutionary way of being and the importance of its real time application for individuals, humanity, and the very future of our planet. He can be reached at

  • Poetry Festival: Open Mike Community Event

    with Sally Love Saunders

    Date: 07/18/2021

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    Come one and all and bring your friends, partners, and neighbors to a gathering in which favorite poems will be shared. Or you can come and simply listen and enjoy. The number of poems one can read will depend on the number of people attending who want to share their poetry. You may read one or more. The host, Sally Love Saunders, has a passion for poetry and gathering people around to write and read.  Today we will simply read and listen. Hope to have you there!

    Sally Love Saunders is a widely published Poet, Poetry Therapist, Lecturer, Free-Lance Writer and Workshop Leader. Sally’s work has appeared in the New York Times, Times International, The London Times, The Denver Post, and among over three hundred fifty other anthologies, magazines and newspapers. She has received many prizes for her poetry.

    “A Johnny Appleseed Poet,” Sally has traveled all over the country running workshops. It is her absolute conviction that “Everyone is a Poet!” Sally has developed fun techniques to help individuals to get in touch with their own unique creativity.