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In the interest of public health, we have suspended our Sunday morning services
at Fulton Street, San Francisco, California until further notice.
We will respect advice and orders from our health and government officials for the duration of the current pandemic. We hope you stay well.
  • Sunday Services have been suspended until further notice.

    Stay Safe and Healthy

    Date: 07/12/2020

    In the interest of public health and safety, we are suspending our public gatherings until further notice. We tentatively plan to resume on Sunday, July 19. We will respect advice and orders from our local health officials. We apologize for any inconvenience and hope you stay well.

  • Returning from Withdrawal

    with Deng Ming-Dao

    Date: 07/19/2020


    As we gradually return from the coronavirus lockdown, what can we learn from our experience? For centuries, our spiritual traditions have been shaped by calamities. They inform all our practices. Taking the time to contemplate withdrawal and return is crucial to do right now.

    Deng Ming-Dao has spoken several times at the Cultural Integration Fellowship. He has written a dozen books about Taoism, including Chronicles of Tao and 365 Tao. His latest book is The Way of Heart & Beauty. Deng’s books have been translated into more than eighteen languages.

  • The Power of Love

    with Lopa Mukherjee

    Date: 07/26/2020


    No diver has ever reached the bottom of the ocean of love, but he has been rewarded with many pearls on the way. This topic is as inexhaustible as love itself. Love is a powerful emotion that transforms the person who gives it to others. It also transforms the person who is capable of receiving love. Love comes in all forms, and it is one of the most natural instincts in all sentient beings. It is not confined to one person, or a handful; it is for all peoples, and all denizens of the earth. When we are born, we start loving before we are conscious of anything. We are better defined as: I love – therefore I am. Every culture has at least one god and goddess of love with many adventures woven around them. These myths are playing out from time immemorial in us, in animals, in mountains, rivers, trees, and every sentient creature. We embody archetypes of love who are forcing us to walk through a fire trail, or a path covered with rose petals, and emerge on the other side purified and reborn. In this presentation, we will see the many faces of Love, hear some stories and see some videos on the power of love, and meditate on the opening of the heart chakra.


    Lopa Mukherjee is a writer, documentary maker and also a student of psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies, CIIS. She did her schooling at the Sri Aurobindo International Center of Education in Pondicherry. She has published four books and has made several documentaries on topics such as Sri Aurobindo and the Mother’s lives and on cultural, social and spiritual subjects. Lopa’s newest book is a collection of imagined myths that revolve around the God of Love, Krishna. Lopa has presented on a variety of themes in several organizations, including the Cultural Integration Fellowship, San Francisco, at SASP, Lodi and at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry.