Cultural Integration Fellowship is a non-profit organization established as a center for universal religion and spiritual practice. Those who subscribe to the universal spiritual values of life are invited join as members. Your generous contribution will help us to continue with our Sunday morning services and special programs reflecting our rich and diverse cultural heritage. Our mission is to foster mutual respect for all cultural, spiritual and religious traditions. By extending friendship, seeking common ground and transcending differences, we join together to build bridges of cross-cultural harmony and world peace.

Membership dues may be paid by installments in a monthly pledge. All donations are deductible for income tax purposes. Please fill out the below form and submit to make payment by debit or credit card or by your PayPal account. Alternately you may mail your check payable to Cultural Integration Fellowship to 2650 Fulton Street, San Francisco, CA 94118.

CIF Membership Form

I want to become a member of the Cultural Integration Fellowship.
 Students/Seniors ($35.00) General ($50.00) Contributing Member ($100.00) Sustaining ($250.00) Sponsoring ($500.00)



Office and Mailing Address:

Office & Mailing Address: CIF, 2650 Fulton Street, San Francisco, CA 94118
Phone: 415.668.1559
Bus: From downtown San Francisco, take 5 Fulton to Arguello