Evolution of Consciousness Workshop, with Anton Grosz, PhD, author and Integral Yoga educator

Integral consciousness is more than just an intellectual exercise and the philosophy on which the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) was founded. It is an experiential way of living and being that not only maximizes one’s deepest potential, but provides answers to seminal questions of quantum physics concerning black holes, event horizons, and the origin of the universe. It is an inevitable part of humanity’s evolution, not in some far off future, but in the here and now. True to its source, this talk will include an experiential component. For those who would like to go into more depth on the topic, an afternoon session will follow.


Anton Grosz received his Doctorate in Philosophy and Religion from CIIS in 1995 with a dissertation “Consciousness in Evolution: Living the Integral Reality of Dr. Haridas Chaudhuri.” He lives with his wife, Phyllis, in San Francisco where he serves as Spiritual and Bereavement Counselor for Crossroads Home Care and Hospice.

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