Photographic Exhibition Celebrating the Diversity that is San Francisco

Time: through September 17, 2017 by appointment: please contact

Venue: 2650 Fulton Street, San Francisco, California

Photographic Canvasses from the Video Poem, San Francisco: Father-to-Son, through the eyes of photographers Kenneth Finberg and Martin Finberg, will be exhibited for sale in the downstairs Fellowship Gallery.

Kenneth Finberg is a native San Francisco Fine-Art Photographer and Painter specializing in DreamScapes of the Psyche. Ken is a long-time Buddhist practitioner with the Triratna Buddhist community.

Martin Finberg, a Native of San Francisco (since the age of 7 in 1920), saw San Francisco through the eyes-of-a-child—A College Graduate of U.C. Berkeley—A WWII Veteran—Husband-to-Beloved-Wife—Flora Finberg, and Photographer—Father-to-Two-Loved-and-Loving-Sons, Howard Finberg, Journalist, and Kenneth Finberg.

10% of Sales will benefit The Cultural Integration Fellowship. The Photographic Show will run through September 17, 2017, by appointment.